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Welcome to the exciting world of trade shows and exhibitions. We’ve put together our top tips to help you coordinate an easy exhibit experience.” 
Chloe Bucknell, Managing Director at Engage Exhibitions

Do not fear! Our guide will help you achieve success at your first trade show…


We’ve compiled key advice for making your first trade show run as smoothly as possible, from planning tips to booth design. This post will help you optimise your experience as a first time exhibitor, while helping you achieve your trade show goals.  

Evaluate & improve on the past

Successful trade show marketing is less about having a static approach and more about nurturing a living marketing system designed to evolve and grow over time. When planning for a trade show, analyse past results along with future trends to help you create the most effective plan of action. Be sure to let your followers know you’re attending the show and where they can find you. 

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Get to know your demographic

It’s easy to think you know everything there is to know about your target audience. However, industry landscapes can change rapidly. A proven technique to better your understanding of your target audience is to create a buyer persona. These are data-based mock-ups of your ideal customer. You can use the information collected to plan the brand messaging most compatible with your demographics needs.

Stay objective-focused

Trade show success hinges on meeting your organisation’s marketing objectives. During planning, eliminate ideas and messaging you feel are unlikely to help you reach your event marketing objectives. Make sure your content is inline with your brand and that your stand design represents your company’s marketing objectives. 

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Train your team

Your stand design is only as good as your team working their magic stood on it. You could have an outstanding product demonstration, the tallest stand in the exhibition hall or amazing in-booth activities, these are all effective visitor engagements. However, having personable and knowledgeable staff working on your stand is the most valuable sales tool. While drafting your trade show plan, make sure you focus your staff training on how to connect with clients and prospects on the trade show floor.  

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